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Miss the recent sessions? Curriculum overview and Q&A now available

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Key Features

Learn more about our new curriculum

Integration of basic science and clinical experience

New advanced electives help students explore foundational concepts in the context of their chosen specialty.

Enhanced support

Four-year advising and mentoring, transitions courses, and learning communities that connect students from all campuses.

Interprofessional emphasis

Intentional learning experiences alongside peers in other healthcare fields.

Outcomes-based innovation

The nation’s first teaching EMR and an increased focus on improving quality and safety.


Preparing future physicians for an ever-changing healthcare environment by extending six core competencies through all four years.

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Student Benefits

  • Breadth of statewide opportunities
  • Earlier interaction with patients that delivers learning in context
  • Self-directed and peer-to-peer engagement that sets the stage for lifelong learning
  • Enhanced preparation for residency
  • Curriculum tailored to support career goals
  • Block scheduling and subject immersion that promote knowledge retention
“Educating future physicians to meet the challenges of a complex, ever-evolving healthcare environment is the driving force behind the IU School of Medicine’s curriculum renewal.”

--Jay Hess, M.D., Ph.D., M.H.S.A., dean